Kenya Plus

150.0 lb

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REGION: Mt. Kenya / Central Region

PROCESS: Double fermentation / Raised Beds

ALTITUDE: 1,400 - 2,000 m.a.s.l.

VARIETIES: Kenyan Bourbon


Q GRADE: 86 Points 

CUP: Mild Sweet Acidity / Medium Body

FLAVOR: Balanced cup with notes of apricot, stone fruits, current and citrus.

Kenya Coffee

Kenya is well renowned for its small-scale producers of coffee with about 70% of its coffee production being produced by them. Some say Kenya coffee is the best there is and the country has a rich legacy of producing incredible coffees. Much of the coffee is exported and purchase by Auction Lots at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange – meaning buyers bid on the coffee at market, a method that has been successful at maintaining higher prices for Kenyan producers and helps aid against the sometimes harsh fluctuations of the coffee futures market and the commodity price of coffee. Typically, the highest priced coffee goes to the best coffees. Coffee continues to be a source of employment, industry and point of pride for Kenya.